Sunday Lunch

As usual when we go out for our exercise walk we take along our camera and plastic bags as we never know what we will come across.

Here is John picking wild leeks. This is a spot that is on a South facing creek bank which means they will be one of the first areas of the season to mature. Some other areas they are just poking out of the ground. But that is fine as when the ones on this bank are to mature to pick these in a cooler spot will be ready to pick. If you pay attention to the micro climates you can extend the harvest season of most any of your plants.

We also had salmon caught from lake Michigan. The only thing not free from the wilds is the pot of rice which is nearly free as it only costs about 30 cents as we buy rice in 50 pound bags.

Here is a picture of our "wild" lunch he had to day. Stir fried leeks and nettles in the front dish. Another dish of garlic mustard stir fried with sausage. This was a bit on the bitter side but I still enjoyed it.