Don't Leaf Me Alone

The “healing leaf", as John’s mom called it, is growing strong in this neck of the woods. Actually it grows just about everywhere man has put his foot. The plantain is a major ingredient in the salves I make.

Primarily plantain is used for all disorders of the respiratory organs. It is used for those with weak kidneys as well as treating eczema, liver and bladder disorders and the list goes on.
I have concentrated on the skin healing abilities of course and have used it for over 30 years now. And in the last few years I have been making salves and selling them and getting good reports.

Yesterday I went out and picked some to make my oil infusion today. If the plant is clean I don’t bother washing it, but these leaves had sand on them from one of the areas on our property. I gently washed them then put them in the salad spinner to get the left over sand and most of the water off.

I then lay them out on a cotton towel and let them dry overnight to get rid of a good amount of water. I will chop them up, put them in a quart jar and pour olive oil over them, making sure to get the air bubbles out and the plant under the oil. Then I let it sit for about 4-6 weeks, strain the herb off and bottle it. I keep it in the fridge until I am ready to combine it with other herbs to make my salves.

People have used my salve for babies butts to a regular skin care routine at night. Or it's used on cuts, scrapes, etc. I make no claims. But......they do.