How to Make Fresh Herb Tea

When you think of tea what do you envision? A little bag with a string attached? A teaspoon of loose leaves dancing in a pot of boiled water? Chances are you will only be seeing a once fresh herb in its dried state.

When John serves up a pot of fresh picked nettle tea on his herb walks sometimes someone will say, “I thought you had to dry it first”. Nope. If it’s available it's even better fresh. That goes for mint leaves as well as other herbs. If it’s there use it. Dry the excess for those cold winter nights or days.

Here is how I make my tea:

  • Go out in the morning and cut a bunch of mint and nettles. I use the stems and leaves. The amount I figured on was enough to loosely fill a 1/2 gallon canning jar. 
  • I cut my herbs up as I put them in the jar. I think you get more out of them that way.
  • Boil up some water. Pour it over the leaves to fill the jar.
  • Just put the cap on but don’t screw it down.
  • If you’re going to drink it hot then strain off the leaves and drink in about 15 minutes.
  • For iced I leave them steeping a little longer and strain and refrigerate. You will be amazed how wonderful, soothing, refreshing it tastes. And if you have a bit of intestinal upsets it is very therapeutic.
A note; it is best not to ball up your herbs in those tea ball things.They need to float freely to release their full affective strength. As a matter of do we. Ahhhh Fweedom.