The Picky Prosumer

Prosumering has so many benefits. Healthy prosumering functions happily through great relationships. Anyway it is through a couple of those relationships that we were blessed. Blessed to pick as much as we wanted from a friend's cherry tree.

One key to being a functioning prosumer is to be able to drop what you're doing and heed the call of harvest when it comes for it waits for no one. Any farmer will tell you that. I think

So we scampered off to the tree with buckets and belts in hand. Not only was there a ladder already there but both times the weather was lovely. However your work has only begun with the picking don't you know. But we have "tools".

Pictured are some of our tools (all acquired used I might add). The one on the left leaves your cherries nicely whole without the pits and is pretty fast about it. The jar and the one on the right do one at a time but work well.That silver one is fast. If you don't care that your cherries are a bit mangled then it's fine and dandy. The arm and hand belong to a our prosumer friend.

The tray of cherries in the picture are ones I put in the freezer pitted and whole. Then I bagged them up for future pies, smoothies, cobblers and on and on. On a hot summer day pop one of those babies in your mouth and it's like a teeny tiny cherry popsicle.

Happy Prosumering