The Frugal Prosumer & the iPad

Some may wonder if expensive Apple products and being a frugal prosumer are not worlds apart. At first glance there seems to be many less expensive products. I have been doing computer consulting for over 25 years. I set up businesses, schools, and nonprofits time and again and found that in the long run using apple products is a much better choice for the frugal prosumer. I no longer even try to argue the question. After working with windows, macs, consulting businesses especially in efficiency I believe I have valuable insights into when one system is better to use than the other.

Anyway, suffice it to say that the iPad is a whole new world. In the 25 years I was in the business I have seen many supposed "killer"products but this is only the second true one I have seen since the introduction of the first Mac computer. The iPad is not a new computer but a complete new revolutionary device. It is such a fantastic tool for small businesses that it has even seduced me to go back into the consulting field again. I have a love/ hate relationship with computers and have vowed that someday I will give them up completely. The main reason I haven't yet done that is because of the tremendous amount of info available to me and the learning I can do with the computer. Also, I'm an info junky to the extreme.

As with any new technological advance I have my reservations about the bad sides too. But it doesn't matter if you're running or planning to run a business. You won't have much of a choice. Just like with the desktop computer, the first users gained an advantage over everyone else. Then, if you didn't have a computer it was hard to stay in business. That is the way it will be with the iPad.

This post is my first from an iPad and posting from the iPad is not quite ready for the prime time. However, before you know it it will surpass what we have.

I see incredible possibilities for the small home business and the iPad. You can now do for a few hundred dollars what it used to cost my clients literally tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to do. That's why the iPad may be the ultimate frugal prosumer business tool. If you're thinking of starting a home business, it is one of the best times with today's technology. Contact me if you are wondering about ways an iPad can help your business be more efficient or are starting a home business.