The College Myth: Why College isn't Worth the Cost for Many Careers Today

Read Lisa Nielsen's great article on her blog: The College Myth: Why College isn't Worth the Cost for Many Careers

Those of you who know me, know I'm a great promoter of education. I have attended and taught  elementary through college in many different educational settings around the world and among my several degrees have a masters degree in education. You will also know that I very strongly believe college is only one of many ways to get an education and that for many, college is a bad investment.

Some Quotes from it:
"Nevermind the dirty secret that a bachelor's degree is beyond the reach of many students. Or that "The four-year college degree has come to cost too much and prove too little. In fact, it's now a bad deal for the average student, family, employer, professor and taxpayer." It's what Forbes Magazine calls "The College Hoax," which clearly outlines the faulty stats that mislead Americans to believe that a degree will result in higher earnings later on. In the article Kathy Kristof reveals that higher education can be a financial disaster. Especially with the return on degrees down and student loan sharks on the prowl."
"While it is becoming more evident to disillusioned college grads who are victims of an unfolding education hoax on the middle class that's just as insidious, and nearly as sweeping, as the housing debacle, there is little thought given to the fact that we place kids in schools with a promise that if they do well in school and then in college, they'll be rewarded with a life time of success and opportunity not otherwise available to them. We need to start rethinking what we're taking as a given in school today, because the reality is, we're lying. Our new crop of college grads, known today as generation debt because of the huge pile of debt attached to their diploma, have no real guarantee of a job. In fact, what was true for the parents of today's kids, isn't true for them. As a result, more and more often smart students and their parents are also beginning to understand that a college education is not what it's cracked up to be. "