Growing Your Own Food, Russian Style

Read this article on  Growing Your Own Food, Russian Style . It reminds me of what a blessing it is that I have a garden and country life right out my door and don't have to travel far for good health and therapy.

This article touches on several things I  advocate. A garden:
  • Is a great part of a child's growth and education and teaching earth stewardship.
  • Should be part of your retirement fund.
  • With the fresh food and peace of mind it brings should be part of your health insurance plan.
  • Is a great way to strengthen relationships (our most important investment).
  • Season can be greatly extended and increased with cold frames or plastic tunnels.
"Lately I've been studying Russia, where growing wholesome food is a summer priority for over half of the population. Food gardening is generously laced into the fabric of Russian society. Millions of Russians commute to rural dacha gardens from May to September. While some Russians do have a garden by their primary home (ogoro) , many more commute an hour or more to reach the family's dacha garden."
"The minds of English-speaking gardeners tend to separate the vegetable plot from the fruit orchard, but Russian gardeners fuse them together, permaculture-style. Russian dacha gardens typically include an abundance of perennial crops, especially berries and other small fruits. It is not unusual for Russian gardens to include six or more fruits, including currants, apples, raspberries, gooseberries, plums, strawberries and pears."