Water rates in US have risen 18% in the past 2 years

Hot tub rain water collector & fish pond.
Shower stall converted to rainwater tank.
I am a big advocate of collecting rain water for your garden, lawn, "distilled" water, household use etc.
Start with a simple rain barrel and move up to more than one or bigger containers.

I have five 55gallon barrels, a swimming pool that holds 3000 gallons, two square containers that hold 250 gallons each, and an old hot tub (used as my fish pond) 300 gallons.

250 gal tank with pallets for beatification.

These are great for emergency supplies but my main reason is to have free water for my garden. I know some people who pay  $100 a month for water. Yikes!

2 55 gallan rainwater tanks
Around here you can get used barrels for $5 to $10. If you want them to blend in you can get spray paint specifically for plastic. Have a screen to keep out mosquitoes. I keep gold fish in them instead as they are fun to look at and not only eat all the mosquitoes larva but fertilize the water to make my plants grow better.