Smoothie making can be an art? Well, it turns out that way sometimes.
John says I'm the artist and he's just an accidental artist. He says mine is almost always art ( a relative term here) and 1/2 the time his creations need a little rearranging or possibley repurposed back to  where it came from - the trash. Or his McGyver garage for the next round.

Lest we digress too far I must tell you what is in this deliciously purple drink. I can't remember, well exactly. The base this time was coconut milk. It is usually yogurt. Then I went to the freezer and captured some frozen bananas and then some cubes of wild grape juice, not so wild pineapple juice, crab apple juice and just a few leftover frozen blueberries. And let's not forget the strawberries that started this whole thing on the way home from the grocery store as I caught a whiff of their strawberryness.

Usually I like to have my smoothies a bit on the tangy side so I throw in some concentrated orange juice or juice from a "real" orange. No orange juice in the house. Think think think. Oh I have some packets of tangerine Emergen-C (a powdered Vit.C supplement), so I divided a package between the two glasses. Yes!

And the finishing touch? This blows the health drink out of the water, but makes big points with the husband. Just a few chocolate chips to come across when you least expect it. Maybe the Emergen-C balances it out. tee hee. At any rate a fast, simple and nutritious meal.

Next, take it to the cafe table by the big window and bask in the loveliness of a sunny day brunch. Memory making is an art too you know.
This is realllllllly purple.
Note the starbucks cuff. Recycled as you can see. We even save the to-go cups as when we have a gathering and there is extra coffee on hand we send it along with our friends.
The cuff keeps Johns paws from freezing.