What you do online can and will be tracked

The Internet is a surveillance state is a good article for those of you who are paranoid. Yes google may know more about your preferences than your wife.

Having worked in the computer field for the last 25 years this is pretty much common knowledge to me and sadly unavoidable. If the director of the CIA can't stop the snooping on him, we don't have a chance.

If you're like me, and do a bunch online, then you will become aware of how this is done and possibly prevent some of it . But because I'm online so much there is no way to completely stop them from tracking me.

If you think by not having much to do with computers you are safe, think again. Because you're not familiar enough with computers to know what not to do, they've got you.

Be careful, but being paranoid about it (you have good reason to be) is not going to change anything.