6 Tips for Protecting and Defending Your Online Content

"Posting valuable information on your company’s website or blog is a lot like leaving store merchandise out on the sidewalk. It might be good for attracting interest, but the free public access makes your inventory — or, in this case, your intellectual property — highly vulnerable to theft.

So, it’s important to regularly search the web for unauthorized use of your content and, if and when you find instances of plagiarism, take steps to either have the material removed or receive credit where it’s due."
Here are six tips for protecting and defending your online content.
1. Set up Google Alerts 
2. Use plagiarism and image checkers. Copyscape.
3. Request they give you credit for the information.
4. File a formal complaint. DMCA complaint.
5. Sign up for Google Search Authorship.
6. Provide warnings and auto-links.

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