Protecting the Earth Through The 7 Pillars of The Frugal Prosumer

Protecting the Earth Through
The 7 Pillars of The Frugal Prosumer

1. Spiritual

Love- Relationships
Understand the trinity of  Relationships (Man, God, Nature)
Spiritual duty is steward of earth and one of best ways is being a Prosumer.
More world at peace less damage to earth.

2. Psychological

Personality types- Please Understand me
Know how get along and work together best on being earth stewards.

3. Education

Any knowledge we want to understand the best ways to be earth steward and prosumer.

4. Health

Understand how earth takes care of us.

5. Finances

UnIncome- Prosumer Business- Consumer Business
Spending less and Living Rich on Less is one of the best way to be a earth steward.

6. Daily Living/Prosumer

Edible wild plants- Sprout Farming- Rice
The better Prosumers we are the better conservators of earth resources we are.

7. Security

 Tarp/housing, Hobo stove/cooking, Rain/water, Light- Solar/LED
Prosumerism is a powerful way to short term and long term survivability.

Prosumer: A consumer who looks first to see if they can produce something for themselves instead of just being a consumer of commercial products. Short for a "producing consumer". Generally if there is no cash transaction it is Prosumerism. 

This is the outline for Earth Fest Seminar presented on Aug 17th 2013