6 ways to live a little healthier on a budget

Here are some tips from Clark Howard on getting healthier food without breaking the bank. We extensively do all of them except for using coupons. Our priority is getting farm fresh and then organic if possible. We also work on creating a network of people who we can gift, trade, and barter with.

These days, it’s getting easier and easier to adopt a healthy lifestyle. It used to be extremely difficult to find organic foods: the products and brands were limited and we were also limited to only shopping in season.

With access more readily available, is it possible that this also makes it easier to save money while living healthier?

1. Shop the sales cycles and use coupons.
2. Look to shopping online to save on groceries and body care items.
3. Shop at the farmer’s markets and find local farmers in your area.
4. Buy in bulk.
5. Grow your own.
 6. Make your own.

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