Exercise just as good as drugs in war on major disease

The Frugal Prosumer understands that health "assurance", not commercial health insurance (which is not health insurance but sickness insurance), the most important thing. And exercise for many would be the most important health "assurance" tool.

"Exercise could be as effective as some of the best drugs which protect against major diseases, research has found. A study of more than 300 trials has found that physical activity was better than medication in helping patients recovering from strokes - and just as good as drugs in protecting against diabetes and in stopping heart disease worsening.
The research, published in the British Medical Journal, analysed data about studies on 340,000 patients diagnosed with one of four diseases: heart disease, chronic heart failure, stroke or diabetes.
Researchers said the findings suggested that regular exercise could be "quite potent" in improving survival chances, but said that until more studies are done, patients should not stop taking their tablets without taking medical advice."

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