Tip: Inexpensive Stove for Power Outages

I (Mrs. frugal prosumer, alias mysterious Mary) found this little lesson most beneficial. Or did Mr. Frugal Prosumer?

After all, I’m the chief cook around here. Hey! Anyway this little camp stove (which cost around $20) is a great thing to have in an emergency. All ye campers out there are very familiar with it. 

I don’t know…I like the idea of having it on hand for different reasons.

Since we don’t have air conditioning in the house in the summer it is nice to do the cooking outside instead of heating up the house. And yes yes there is the huge grill every self respecting Midwest man has on hand out there too.

You can us butane as well as the small propane canisters of course and you can even use the 20lb tanks of propane one uses for the outdoor big grills if you have the right setup.

As you will see in the video we learned right then and there from Scanner Guy (who doesn't know anymore about the stove then us) how to make the thing run. And we did it in the house and didn’t get all blown to pieces. I had to say that.