🚙 Jump Starting a Friends Car

What I did today: Helped a friend jumpstart a car that the parking lights had been accidentally left on for a few days.

I grabbed my mini emergency kit from the car. He had his jumper cables ready, but that’s so old school.

I pulled out my phone size 20000mAh jumper battery. I am always looking for opportunities to use it. 

I didn’t even have to maneuver my car around and ruin the lawn to make the cables reach.

You can jump-start a dozen or more vehicles before you have to recharge it with a USB port.

It is so tiny that people think it’s a joke and don’t believe you until they see it work. It took about 3 tries, but it started the car.

I hadn’t even charged it for over a year.

A few hours later, I got a call asking where I had bought it. He wanted to get one for his daughter.

I bought it on eBay five or more years ago for around $35. I have used it a dozen or more times, given it as a gift, and helped friends buy one. I recommended he do a little research and see if the technology, ports (upgraded to USB C), and power have been improved from when I bought it years ago.

I think it is one of the most important safety items anyone can have in their car. Besides its jumping capabilities, it can charge your cell phone and is an excellent flashlight and strobe light.

It is a tremendous One-Another tool I have used to help a dozen or more people.