👩‍❤️‍👨 A Valentines Memory From 2010

A Prosumers Valentine's Day Feb 15, 2010

Speaking of prosumering, John requested that I do a writing assignment on our prosumer Valentine's day. You can tell you are the real thing when you don’t even realize you are prosumering when it is all a part of your everyday and special day life. Ouuuuu, I like the beginning of this.

First, I’m all for making the most of any “special” day. Didn’t used to be. I thought I should just treat every day the same. What? Boring? No, just ordinary. But now I want to remember birthdays and everything. So Valentine’s day came at a good time on the calendar of my life.

We started our romantic day with Postachinno (a mixture of steaming hot water, postem, real milk, and cocoa). That was indulged in at our “cafe” table by the big picture window in our living room. And, of course, we had to dress up loverly and add a chunk of chocolate and a cupcake each into the equation. Served up on a real pretty plate, no less. Denial at this point is necessary to get past the harmful effects this diet has on your body. But it makes you smile.

Somewhere during our indulging, I got the bright idea to make a day of it. “Hey, why don’t we go to the arts center for our Valentine's day outing.” (like we’ve always had these outings). There was semi-resounding applause from across the table. I think the smile was just the chocolate kicking in. But he did say,” Okay.” Which I took to be,” Nothing I’d rather do, my beloved sugar plum.”

We got changed, stoked the fire up, and took off. And since we believe in combining trips as much as possible, we delivered a bid for a job to someone's house before we began our hour of cultural ouuuuing and awwwwing.

“Hey,” John says,” Since we’re over here by Pick and Save, let’s get something to eat.”
“Um----okay. Like lunch?” I ask.
“No, just a snack to hold us over, but I wish there was somewhere nice to eat it.”

The next excursion finds us hand in hand, looking for that most delicious forbidden fruit to make us smile some more. We find it. Yogurt. Not just any yogurt. One was lemon, and one was chocolate. We also found a poppy seed muffin and yogurt-covered pretzels. Wonder how they got that yogurt to stick. Anyway, it sounds better with the word yogurt there. More denial. But it did make us smile.

Now to find that perfect place to have our snack. This is the beauty of it. When John gets an idea, it explodes with possibilities, wonder, and suspicion at times. Anyway. “Hey,” He says.”Let’s go to that cafe room at the library. Top floor, good view, cafe tables, vending machines! Yes!”

At this point, I hadn’t figured out that the art center was out of the picture. But dangling that library carrot in front of me will do it every time. So off to the cafe we went.

The view was lovely. The tables were so cafeish, and the coffee was Torke’s finest for only 98 cents. No refills, though, so make it last. It was a lovely time. We giggled like young lovers again. But once again, we had beaten the system by finding the ultimate, almost free alternative to poverty by choice at those fancy dancy steal-your-pantsy places.

Now here’s the real bonus. On the walls for our private and leisurely viewing were paintings of the Sheboygan downtown from years ago by a darn good artist. That was a trip down memory lane for me. So we finished our day off with a couple of hours in the library doing one of the things we love. Gathering more information. And Valentine's day is all about love, isn’t it?