Money is Only Good for one Thing! Spending!

That is why we suggest that you look beyond money to find happiness, fulfillment and meaning in life.

We spend money in three time frames.

Present: The key to building wealth has always been the same. Spend less than you earn today. To do that without depriving yourself means that each and every day you must spend your money smarter.
Past: Is paying for things purchased in the past. In other words debt! Debt can be a great cause of stress. Is the original purchase worth it?
Future: Monetary saving and investing is not different from spending. It’s just deciding to spend in the future. If you save today, in your future “today” you will save more.

The power of cutting expenses is that it builds wealth and works in the past, present, and future time frame.

Cutting expenses or UnIncome as we like to call it has three distinct advantages over “earned income”:

A dollar saved is worth more than a dollar earned. You get to keep every penny of each unspent dollar. Unlike income it is not subject to taxes and other payroll deductions.
You can implement ways to get UnIncome faster than you can earn more money. The results of cutting an expense can be instantaneous while increasing income can take a long time to change.
You have more control and varied options for UnIncome than you do income. It’s not dependent on just finding someone who will hire you and being at the mercy of them or the economy.

Warning: Do not get deceived into thinking that fake immediate income (debt) is giving you more cash.

Something you can do today:
Buy rechargeable batteries if you use more than a dozen triple or double A batteries a year. If you have a digital camera or toys they will not only last 3 times longer but save you hundreds of dollars over the life time of the rechargeable battery. If you don’t use rechargeables, batteries will end up costing you more than the original device they are used in. It’s also much better for the earth!