When you live a life with one foot off the grid and the other balancing precariously in entrepreneur land you can find yourself running a rather challenging yet exciting scooter on life’s road. The balancing act is sometimes more like a fumbling act. And you can be viewed more as the clown in the circus than the “professional” juggler. It may sound like complaining here but really I am just setting you up to see.

We have so many opportunities in this ride to crash.....but don’t. On this journey we have been so blessed. Unspoken needs have been met in very creative ways. We have witnessed and experienced the true friendship of others and that there are wonderful, kind people all around. We are thankful.

We are thankful for our home and all the many lessons in life we have had the opportunity to learn.

We are above all thankful for God. We have witnessed the reality of who He is, what He does and are excited about His ultimate plan. Come to think of it, didn’t we mention that life, real living, is about relationships?

Hoping for you look back as well as forward to the future...a life of thankfulness.