Talk about a tender green to add to your salad bowl in spring. This one takes the cake. We had it the other day along with our lettuce. Some of the properties and uses of chickweed are:
  • Internal use
    • Internally, chickweed is used for rheumatism as well as chest infections.
    • When liquidized it is included with other herbs and vegetables as a tonic juice.
    • It is also used in salads and cooked as a vegetable.
  • External use
    • It is a superb herb to use for itchy skin as well as eczema, acne, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, psoriasis, inflammation, ulcers, vaginitis, boils, abscesses, allergies and other skin problems.
    • It is useful in treating wounds. It speeds up the healing process.
    • It has an anti-itching effect.
    • Its excellent healing action makes it a must in any healing cream. (and it is one of the ingredients in the healing salve I make)
    Those little pods hanging from the plant on the right will bloom into tiny white flowers.