Wild Leek Festival

Here they are! Isn't this a good picture of the different stages of prepare?

John went out in the morning and harvested the Leeks. As you can see, he pulled the bulb and all.
I hauled out the big cast-iron pan and put in some oil and butter. Turned the heat on and when the butter melted added the cut up bulb. Cooked them to a caramelized state.

Took them out of the pan and then cooked the greens. Added my secret seasoning ( soy sauce) and cooked a little longer. Then I combined them all.
They got eaten up right quick.

This year we had 25 people join us. Potluck was great. One attender used leeks in a Chinese steamed bread she made. Yumm.

All in all a great day with great people. And it's good to know that people had the benefits of those highly nutritious wild veggies.


  1. I'm so glad we finally got to come to a Wild Leek Festival. We used our leeks in salad dressing, split pea soup, baked falafel, and on pizza. Very delicious!


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