$15 a month home phone service from Straight Talk

Just when you thought the home phone was dead. As it should have been with all its expensive and hidden costs and added fees for every little service. Verizon and Straight Talk have just teamed up to bring you Home Phone Connect.

For an initial cost of a $100 (update 10/30/13 now $80) for a wireless base station and $15 a month you can have:
  • unlimited local and long distance calling
  • caller ID
  • three-way calling
  • call forwarding
  • voice mail
  • calls to 411 and  911 supported
  • No-Contract Replacement for your Landline

  • No High-Speed Internet or Landline required
  • Compatible with your existing corded or cordless phone
  • Keep your current number or get a new one
  • You can take your Straight Talk Wireless Home Phone with you to a different address
  • Rechargeable battery allows you to make and receive calls in case of power outage
  • 24/7 customer care support
Many people have dropped their home phones and just rely on their mobile phones. 

Since this is a cellular based product, you could unplug the wireless base and take your it anywhere you go, cabin, hotel, friends house, and even in the car (to do this, don't get a phone that needs A.C. power to work or have an inverter in your car).

Straight Talk home phone will be useful for those people:

  • That like to have a home phone but want to move away from traditional services and sole reliance on mobile phones.
  • Who live in rural areas where home service is hard to come by. 
  • Who want a landline for their home business, as a backup plan, or peace of mind. 
  • Who need a affordable and viable alternative to pricey home phone service.
There is also $30 per month option that gives you the same features as well as international calling to more than 1000 locations across the globe.

Update: You can get BasicTalk Home Phone Device for $10 and $10 a month than works over the internet. 
EXTRA! For those who have an iPhone- Why Straight Talk for $45 a month for unlimited service might just be the best carrier for your iPhone