College Textbooks hit $300 for one book.

It isn't enough that colleges are over priced. They now make students pay $300 for a Spanish book. Hum, I see a good business opportunity. How about renting out your text book or making a digital copy and selling it for only $100.

As I have said many times before, education is essential and college is only one of many ways to get that education. Every day it looks like college is getting to be a bad choice.

During my 7 years of higher education my goal was to use every trick in the book to spend little to nothing on text books. (Like finding an upper class person and borrow, buy, or rent from them. Find copies in the library, use older editions, borrow from classmates who never read their text until the last night and read it at the beginning of the semester, don't even read the text- as some teachers never use what they require, etc.)

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