Back to Nature & the iPad

It may seem a dichotomy dealing so much with nature (Mother Earth reader since it first came out in the 70's, growing my own food, teaching about wild and medicinal herbs) and being a computer consultant for the past 25 years. Can the two be happily married?

Well as a Frugal Prosumer I see the two going hand in hand. An important part of being a Frugal Prosumer is having your own business and a computer is a real asset in this area. For the past few years I cut back on computer consulting to run an alternative school for young people. But now with the iPad coming out, I see it as an amazing Frugal Prosumer tool and especially for running your own business. So I am once again helping people use technology to run their small business.

You can set the app to detect Card Case, an app that automatically charges customers if they have their phones on nearby.
For years I have been looking for an inexpensive Point of Sales program for micro to small business. I have finally found it. It utilizes the iPad and Square Card reader. Here is a Forbes article dealing with this very thing. Mobile: The Biggest Change To Hit Retailing In 50 Years - Forbes

Over 30 years ago I was a computer cordinator for an international school in Tokyo and saw the birth of the Macintosh computer. At that time I saw the incredible potential of the desk top computer. Once again I see a new revolution and the incredible potential of a new technology. The iPad.

I see the same thing I saw 30 years ago and my experience of 20 years of computer consulting. Business who implement this new technology immediately will have an edge over most others but in a few years if you don't implement it you will be at an disadvantage. My advise check into it and be aware of what it can do.