The Accidental Environmentalist

Mary and I never started out to be environmentalists. We just wanted to be wise with our finances as well as good stewards with resources whether they belonged to us or not.

Square foot gardening & salvaged windows.

We have a garden but not because we are into the fad of eating local. We eat local instead of food that had been shipped long distances because is was the cheapest, most nutritious, and best tasting way to get our food.

Our exercise gym.

Long before going local was in, we did what most going local faddist don't do. Used local fuels  for heating and transportation- heating with local wood and fueling our bikes with "local" us.

Making apple juice with recycled garbage disposal.

Too many people think that if they are recycling aluminum cans they are good environmentalists. Any "environmentalist" worth their salt wouldn't even consider aluminum cans or buy plastic water bottles filled with nice pure spring water.

We drink our local well water, make our own healthy soda, and collect those bottles people are throwing away to store up our apple juice, kombucha, etc.

Homemade apple cider in recycled bottle.

We don't throw away plastic containers that nice healthy yogurt comes in. We make our own yogurt- locally  made, no containers to throw away, more quality control, more nutritious, and not supporting "corporate greed" (that so many are unrealistically against.)

Frugal Prosumers are the accidental environmentalists. They are the stewards of the land. They're the farmers who have tilled that land and know how to manage the land because they are doing it not just following a fad or talking about it. They're the stewards of natural resources and the ones who depend for their livelihood on this land.

Many environmentalists in name are the elitists. They live in big houses and glass towers in big cities consuming vast natural resources to maintain their life style. They're not environmentalists. They're part of the problem. And they're aligned with big spending government. And they're out of touch. The Frugal Prosumers are the real environmentalists.