Mary's Musings: Hope

An 2010 posting from another blog we had.

Sometimes, deep down in your inner being, do you feel you must cry? An ache, an unfixable ache. Where all the impressions of a suffering, sinful, selfish world glue themselves to you. 

You push them aside or swim through them like in a sea of tangled weeds. Slowly and with great effort you move through and when you are finally too tired, just too tired, you stop and pour out the horrid mess that really didn't get left behind. 

And you cry. And on the backs of those tears the ugliness gets catapulted up and out of the chasms of your heart. Tear after tear drowns the buggers and as the flow exhausts itself you realize freedom and peace and calm. Finally calm. And with your inner eye you see that the walls of that chamber were lined with hope. 

Hope and despair can't live together. Was it hope that started the flow? You thought it was despair. But it was hope that called. For its suffication was too hard to take.