Mary's Musings: Pro Choice

An 2010 posting from another blog we had.

God has always been in the choosing business. He chose when the earth came into existence. He chose when to make man. He chose His people. Not the other way around. Not like the pagan nations that even chose right down to the tool they would use to carve their god to put in the place that they chose to worship.

But my God, the God of that piece of wood, chooses. He chose His place of worship, the building plans, the priests, the kings, the land. He chooses to reveal Himself to us in whatever way He wants and when He wants. He chooses to bless us or not to bless us. He gives us guidelines and rules.

I like to think there are ways we can make ourselves more choose able. But are there? God being God gives us a choice to accept what has got to be the all time biggest opportunity or to say "nah". "Chose this day whom you will serve..."Choose choose choose.

We choose to get up in the morning instead of staying in bed. I choose to eat healthy instead of crumby. The thing about choice is that it indicates that there is more than one way we can go. God chooses to give us life. God. He could give us death in an instant. He chooses to have us with Him for eternity. God is unchanging. Once He says something it sticks.

But what about Moses and how he "changed" the mind of God when God wanted to destroy the whole bunch of those disobedient people. Did He really change God's mind? Or did God want to see what this man would do? Where his heart was? Oh so many questions. So much to learn. So little time. I can choose to use my time to learn, dig deeper, to pray. I can choose to live without regrets. That's pro-choice