Mary's Musings: What return can I make ?

An 2010 posting from another blog we had.

I remember having tea at the glass table that day. Sitting there with the very large window to look out of. It had snowed quite a bit and started melting so my snowman's head was tilted in a rather sleepy looking way. John was opposite me with his outline on basically our life's course from here on out. I did pay attention this time.

Actually I do all the time. It's just that my time limit is a tad less than his. But after 30 some years he knows that and makes it fit right in. And in all fairness I have stretched mine.

The blanket that covered the whole detailed conversation was that we have a responsibility to be a blessing to those around us and those far off. 

It's true that one lives out their life to 70, 80, 90, gathers all this knowledge, dies, and buries it with them. Yes there are the exceptions that manage to archive it and make it available to others but that is not the norm.

I'm not talking about getting to work and publishing a whole library on "Life's Lessons". I am talking about simply doing what you can. Or more than that, I am speaking to myself and those who will listen. When I view my life as bringing a blessing, somehow the self-centeredness tends to chunk off.

When that weight falls I am lighter and less hindered with ridiculous self imposed expectations in life and more concerned with those around.

I hesitate to define blessing. That may leave room for too many "I can't do that" statements or "Yup I do that"......absolved. And anyway, these are my musings and I am majorly speaking about what I believe I need to do because I want to do it. Because I see the mandate and would love to do it. But oh my, where to start.