Driving Miss Dilly

How many miles do you get out of your dehydrator? This is not a trick question. I think I have come up with a top of the line frugal prosumer dehydrator. At least for some things. I haven’t tried everything . . . yet.

First you take one car. Put a bunch of dill in a brown paper bag. Put the bag in the car and close the windows. Move car to a sunny place on your property.

I’d say the dill was crispy and ready for me to crumble the weed part of it in maybe less than a week. The seeds were ready too. This is not an exact science yet. All I know is it didn’t take long at all.

Leave it in the car when you go places. It smells wonderful. And as you can see I have some rose petals started. I just picked them and threw them in the shallow basket. The fragrances didn't mingle, so my rose is still a rose.

I have my doubts about doing tomatoes or anything that would need consistent heat till it was done. So unless you live in the land of eternal sun you may need to keep the electric dehydrator.I have about 6 of them now. But leafy things like herbs and all should do fine in the car . . . hey I’m gonna run out right now and throw some parsley in the car.