Just a Travelin Man

Just a little explanation on “why the videos?”. Well Benjamin (the curly leprechaun to the left here) is on an adventure along with his friend Luke and wanted to frugal prosumer it along the way. So we will be waiting on his video blogging and up to the minute reports. Um, well whatever minute he manages to remember to do.

The hammocks in that first video are ones we got when he and his father were into tree climbing. I mean really high in the tree climbing. They are designed to be stable enough that you don’t flip out of them at nose bleed altitudes that make any mother dizzy with fear.

The first day they got them they went way up in a tree in our back yard to camp out (up) for the night. It started to rain and they didn’t have tarps so I did what any cool calm mother would do.I chewed my nails till they landed safely on the ground. And of course it was all fun for them.
So stay tuned. I know I am. And hey Luke, couch surfing would be a great frugal prosumer topic.