A Little Something About Frugal Traveling

The two most important things to consider while traveling are food and sleep. With these two things sufficiently taken care of you will always be happy and full of energy. Without them you will become a useless fool in a living hell. So Let me give you a few of the easiest ways to accomplish one of the two. . . Sleeping.

The hands down easiest way to travel and sleep well is to have a vehicle you can sleep comfortably in. I.e station wagon, truck with cab, car with folding back seat, limo with cloaking device. With a vehicle to sleep in all you have to do is park at any hotel or street with a few cars on it and count the proverbial sheep.

One concern however is the possibility of being awakened at 5 in the morning (or whenever) by the police. Technically it’s illegal to sleep in your car or anywhere in public (another money making rule). The only time I've had trouble with this is when I slept in the front seat (which is a royal pain anyway). Even when the cops do come all they do is wake you up and tell you to get out. Then they might check your ID. If you’re nice they might tell you about a place you can park where you won’t get bothered. I have personally never heard of any one getting a ticket for this. You can avoid the rude awakening by just crawling in the back seat and throwing a few blankets over you.

Do not park in rich neighborhoods, as they are the most nosey and unsympathetic places in the world. Middle class neighborhoods are the best. Most times even if people do see you they won't even care.

If you can’t or don’t want to sleep in the car, couchsurfing "www.couchsurfing.org" is a really great way to get around (maybe even the best). The thing about couchsurfing is you get a place to stay for free as well as the opportunity to see the town as a local. Even if they didn’t have a place for me to stay the couchsurfer host would show me around town. As it turns out couchsurfing is way easier than I thought it would be. If the city is big enough I've gotten last minute places to stay as late as 9:00 p.m.. I highly recommend checking it out. I'll write more about couchsurfing in a later blog post.

Another way to find a place to sleep is of course camping. But it seems that most camping prices have gone up ( to $30 even!). The nice thing about camping though is all that natural beauty and peaceful surroundings. You should also keep an eye out for places you could park your car and then hike to "free camping". If you’re traveling by yourself however, a hostel is probably better, seeing as you can get a bunk and a kitchen for about the same price.

If you are outgoing and super cool ( even a tad cool will do) just ask people if there’s anywhere to stay in the area. A lot of times they'll hook you up with a place.

Remember when on the road, relationships are king. Don’t be afraid to ask about everything anytime. You’ll be surprised how nice people can be.

So good luck and sweet dreams