How Does This "Relate"?

The following is an entry from a guest blogger. As you will see, if you ever get our books, good relationships are extremely valuable to the frugal prosumer.

One night Joe, a farmer, was kicked by a cow while he was putting the milking machine on her. Joe fell over backwards. The injury was a nasty one! Extremely painful. Joe was sure he had dislocated his shoulder. He was faced with a couple of choices. Should he call 911 or should he call Russ, a friend, to take him to the ER? He decided to call Russ who said he would come right away and take him.
“But I’m only half done with the milking!” Joe exclaimed!
“I can call Owen,” Russ said.
Russ called Owen, a retired farmer he and Joe knew. (Russ had called Owen once before to ask if he would milk the cows because Joe had to be away at milking time. Owen and his son, Harry, had milked the cows at that time. That’s how it happened that Joe and Owen knew each other.)
Back to our story—
When Russ dialed Owen, the phone rang, but no one answered. He tried three of Owen’s adult sons and was able to reach Harry. He found his dad and together they drove out to Joe’s farm and finished milking the cows while Joe went with Russ to the ER.
Owen continued to come twice a day to do the milking while Joe recuperated.
The important relationships in this story are: Joe, the farmer, and his friend, Russ; Russ and Owen, the retired farmer; and Joe, Owen and Harry.
This true story illustrates how important relationships are when solving problems in life.