How to Make Money Riding Your Bike

Not only does bike riding make me money it gives me time to think up great articles like this.

As I was riding to my editor’s today, I was wondering if it really was worth my time to bike instead of drive. So I did the math. Here are some of my thoughts from the half hour bike ride.

First of all, by car I only save 20 minutes on the 14 mile round trip. If you use the standard mileage rate of $0.55 per mile that means it would cost me $7.70 to drive that distance if I were a “normal person.” $7.70 for 20 minutes means $23.10 per hour. As a Frugal Prosumer my rate is more like $0.30 per mile so that means I would only be earning $12.60 an hour.

Now don’t use this as an excuse to go and buy a new expensive bike. Use it as an excuse to go buy a used expensive bike selling for cheap! Better yet get an old junky bike that is less likely to be stolen, takes less maintenance, and is harder to ride. Harder to ride means you’re getting more exercise.

Speaking of exercise! If we factor in the hour of exercise I got from riding the bike, I could save even more money because I can cancel my health club membership. Scratch that . . . don’t have one.

My next thought as I rode along . . . what if I were to start a health club where all exercise machines are hooked up to electric generators? Then I charge people to come and make electricity. I could sell it as a recycling program. Ha Ha get it? “Instead of throwing your energy away come recycle it with us. Be environmentally sound and make sure the CO2 you are putting off is being put to good use.” Then I’ll recycle the CO2 by pumping it into the greenhouse next door to make my plants grow better. Even more recycling! Oops got off track. Let’s see . . . making money with my bicycle . . . oh yes.

Now if I took that hour I saved from not having to have a separate exercise time I could use that to earn money instead. Let’s say at $15 an hour. Humm! Now I’m up to $38.00 an hour.
Another benefit to my bike ride is that it’s so peaceful (I make sure I take a route that doesn't have cars buzzing by me all the time). As matter of fact it’s so relaxing it saves me an hour at the therapist (if I had one). I saw 3 turkeys, a deer and her fawn, wild currents, and numerous other interesting things I would have missed zooming by in a car.

Boy do I feel good. I loved my ride. Forget about writing a book. I’ll make more per hour by riding around all day. You do the math.

Pictured is John on his SUB (Sports Utility Bike) returning from the store with a 50 pound bag of rice.