A Sappy Story

Once upon a time a friend gave me some pine salve to try. She said her daughter used it to help clear up the skin problem she had. Well ever since I set my eyes and nose on it I have wanted to make some.

I came across some places that had information on it and took what was worth keeping. So now I will attempt to concoct my own version of it.

First you start with a glob of pitch from a pine tree. As I looked expectantly to the tree in our yard I envisioned myself scaling the sappy thing in search for that pungent treasure.

In the meantime I had to get the doggy do up and out of the ways of unsuspecting shoes. As I attacked it with my shovel, I noticed it was a bit different looking. What had my dog been eating? I pocked it. It had a bit of a spring. I, well, smelled it and to my surprise it was a big chunk of pine pus.

One website suggested you infuse it in olive oil for a few weeks in a very warm location. Another said to put it in a crock pot with the oil on low for a few hours. I voted for that method and it is infusing as I write this.

I will strain it to get the needles etc. out and then will use it for the oil part of a salve recipe. I’m customizing the recipe and will be on the look out for a few good guinea pigs including myself, to test it out on.

Pine has drawing powers similar to plantain. As one person put it, it is a powerful counter-irritant which means that it stimulates local blood flow and aggravates the local immune response into revving up. As a result it may cause a temporary increase in discomfort or
inflammation in the area in order to speed healing.

The immediate bonus is that it makes my kitchen smell real nice when I open the lid to check on it.