Spring Garden

Remember the empty 4x4 box? Well here it is with some tasty morsels John is munching on. This is Wisconsin, this is cold 'till July and about mid July the snow flies. Not really, but you will notice the glass panels leaning up against the box. Those go on at night and part of the day to warm the soil up. The squares to the right of the bunch of greens have four lettuce in each but they are little yet.

Also, during the day when we have the glass off we put the wire cages over them to protect from those nasty deer. Pretty creatures, but too assuming and piggish.But hey, I figure if we fatten them up....they should oblige us and fatten us up in turn.

To the left in the picture is the garlic I planted in the fall. And what you can't see are the trellises John just constructed for the peas to climb on that are about 4 inches high now. I could have started them even earlier.
Hope this gives you an idea on garden timing for some things.