Solar Drying

I was doing the wash today and thought I would write a bit on our prosumer laundering. Clothes that is. I realize that there are people that don't own a dryer and possibly never have. In our married years we only had access to one for a couple of those years.
We have a friend from the Czech Republic that says she doesn't know anyone who has one there. What a sad situation eh? (eh is Canadian for huh).

But I never thought that I just couldn't live without one. I have included a picture of my solar drier so you can get familiar with the construction of it. Two poles and laundry hanging rope to string between them.

To the right here is what I call "clippy things". This is one of the wonderful pieces of equipment we brought back from Japan with us. So weather conditions pose no problems for me on laundry day.

Dryers take a fair amount of energy and boot up the bill. So this is one thing you can save on by planning ahead and air drying. The added benefit of hanging things outside is that wonderful fresh smell that clings to them.

If you have a food dehydrator on hand and you are in a time bind for those wet socks or well you know.... you can pop those in and crank it up.

I know this may seem all so elementary to some. Why blog on something as simple as drying clothes? Because life is details, details add up, so does energy usage and there are things you can live without if you really need to. And who knows, you may get used to it. Streeeeeech.