The Sucker Run Has Ended

Sucker, rice, and apple cider (from last years harvest.)

Actually the run has been over for several weeks but here is the report for the year. We tried some new things this year. Usually I would just cooked the sucker fillets on the fire pit after being marinated in soy sauce. This year I decided to be a little less primitive and go to a little bit more work. I marinated them over night in soy sauce and vinegar (thinking the vinegar might dissolve some of the small bones but it didn't seem to make any difference.)

I dipped the chunked up fillets into a flour and spice mix. Then into a batter of eggs and milk. Then rolled them in bread crumbs. (I made these by drying some day old bread we get free from our baker friend on our wood burner.) Then fried them in our cast iron skillet in butter and corn oil. They were so good sometimes I had them with rice twice a day. Yes, they have some small "Y" bones but you learn how to avoid them.

Picture are two of our Free School students who had the time of their life catching their first suckers.