Rice is Nice

At any given week there is a happy parade of people through our house,property,kitchen.I get charged up with the sometimes constant flow. People to teach as well as teach us. Lessons in frugality as well as spiritual lessons or just plain life as it is.

Normally I love to bask in “peace and quiet”. But I also love the electricness (my computer says that is not a word. tough) of the interaction and all. And it seems that right around eating time is the interacting hour of choice.

I take care of that with the number one most used appliance in my kitchen. No, it’s not the dishwasher. He’s not always around. It is the most honorable rice cooker. We bought it brand new in 1993 (what? that’s not frugal you screech).It is if your tools save you time and money.
Anyway, It goes non-stop around here and sometimes a couple loadings a day.The rice comes out great.

Mostly people like to squirt some soy sauce on and go with it. It's the type of food that can stand on it's own or take a little topping here and there. I break out the canned tuna or chunk up some veggies or cook up some onions.

There's not a whole lot of expense involved and you have a happy bunch of tummy tappers. Why just the other day I had 7 to 8 people wearing the lid out on it. I threw some canned tuna into the mix as well as some left overs that hadn't turned green yet. John broke out the pickled bamboo shoots with chili’s. Gary ate the chili’s.

The rice cooker is an easy appliance to use and clean. You measure the rice in, add the water to the correct level, insert pot in cooker, close lid, push down the start button and that’s it. No fuss, no muss. I like the added benefit of the keep warm setting on mine. It will keep the rice warm for hours without any adverse affect.

We discovered the wonder machine when we lived in Japan. I think “not having a rice cooker” has got to be a crime over there. Anyway, once we learned of the benefits we sold the one we had before we returned state side and used that money to buy a replacement here. Found just what we were looking for in our local oriental store . Same brand and quality.

There are a lot of rice cookers out there now but not all are created equal. Not all have the capability to keep warm for hours without damaging the rice. So be picky if you are going to make this a major appliance in your house. Ours is a Tiger brand. But there are others. I like the Japanese makes myself.